Relationship Between Fleet GPS Vehicle Tracking and Drivers

Fleet GPS vehicle tracking devices have already carved their reputation as an indispensable and necessary tool in improving your business performance in all areas of fleet management. Our solutions hold your drivers accountable and ensure that they are performing in a safe and acceptable manner when they are on-field and your business will see immediate returns because you will maximize fuel efficiency, utilize route optimization and lower insurance premiums.

That is all great news for the fleet managers, but fleet GPS tracking devices have not endeared themselves to many drivers. They will often not feel comfortable being constantly monitored and some owners might even be reticent to install fleet tracking because it would be bad for morale. They do not want to look like they are intrusive or untrusting but the truth is that fleet GPS vehicle tracking devices can also be beneficial to drivers.

The only ones who truly have a reason not to be happy with fleet management/GPS tracking devices are the drivers who are not performing at peak levels and are hurting the company’s prospects at work. In our studies, some of the most common shortcuts that undermine a company’s prospects are:

(1) taking the long way home in order to get paid overtime
(2) engage in risky behaviour on the road that will tarnish the reputation of the company
(3) take detours to take care of personal matters during business hours

They indeed have a valid reason to fear fleet GPS tracking devices because this system will alert their employers of all their misdoings. Such a system is capable of monitoring speeds, measuring parking times and revealing the entire route taken to a certain destination. Once it is implemented, your drivers will no longer be able to take advantage of your business and will have to do their jobs up to your standards.

Keeping track of your vehicles is the most logical step to take for you to stay ahead of the curve and your competitors. Some company’s worry about the morale of their employees and believe they will create a disgruntled workforce; and demonstrate an uneasiness and inhibition when it comes to incorporating a fleet management solution. But a fleet management/GPS tracking device solution is a customer-centric solution that will ensure your employees are meeting their benchmarks and fulfilling the expectations of your customers in a timely and efficient manner. Meeting these deliverables and ensuring customer satisfaction will result in a high-morale and united workforce.

The simple truth is that drivers who do not do anything wrong have nothing to fear. If anything, they should welcome a fleet tracking system since it will show precisely that they are doing their jobs properly. Up until now, their efforts went unnoticed by and large since the employers do not have the best information at hand to see who is excelling and who is not. However, now you can keep close track of how all of your drivers behave and, if you are really worried about what fleet tracking will do for morale, you can set up a system where the most careful and efficient drivers are rewarded for their hard work.