Fleet Managers See Increase in Time Spent on Admin

Increase in Time Spent on Admin for Fleet Managers

1 in 5 fleet managers report an increase in time spent on fleet administration work

These findings come from the latest quarterly Company Car Trends research, which found 1 in 5 managers reported an increase in the time they spent on administration tasks in the last year.

The findings slightly differed for managers with fleet as their primary duty (20% reporting an increase) and those who have a wider range of responsibilities including fleet management (17% reporting an increase).

Those with a wider range of responsibilities were then asked what their primary job was:

  • Human Resources: 16%
  • Administration: 18%
  • Finance: 22%
  • Operations: 25%
  • Other: 19%

From these findings it is clear that managers who are involved in running fleets are seeing a year-on-year increase in the amount of admin work they have to take on. Also, it shows us that managers who are involved in fleet decisions but are not only responsible for managing their fleet are getting more and more tied up with fleet issues. This leaves them less and less time to focus on their priorities which can lead to an inefficiently operating business.

How GoFleet Can Help

Fortunately, for fleet administrators that take on multiple roles, our fleet management technology can help. Our solution will not only eliminate time card discrepancies and the need for paper time cards, it has also proven to increase employee productivity by 15% and reduce fuel costs by 18%.

People often think our solutions are only meant for large fleets with a dedicated fleet manager but, our solutions are for fleets of any size to increase safety and productivity and decrease fuel and maintenance costs.

As a fleet consulting company, we want to work with you to customize a solution to meet your needs. Stop wasting time on administrative tasks and let our system streamline your operations. Not only will it help make your job easier, it’ll also save your company money.

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