Route Optimization Software Increases Fleet Efficiency

Increase Fleet Efficiency With Route Optimization Software

Automated route optimization software can be used to reduce operating costs with fleet tracking and performance reporting. There are many advanced tools to help companies schedule the most efficient routes, track performance and analyze their fleet operations.

Route optimization software is available as an add-on to the GoFleet GPS fleet tracking solution. It allows you to deliver a higher level of customer service because you can receive automatic alerts, visual notifications as well as advanced operational reporting. The tools can be used to help you schedule efficient routes, increase fleet effciency and keep your drivers productivity up. Your customers will notice a big difference with accurate estimated times of arrivals, short service windows and quick dispute resolution.

Optimized routing also reduces the amount of miles your drivers travel. Driving less miles is actually the most effective way to reduce your fuel costs. Since your routes will be automatically planned out for your drivers, they will actually have more time to visit more customers. The more customers you are able to provide service to, the more money your business is able to make.

Route optimization software allows you to monitor your drivers’ progress and identify any drivers who are incurring an excessive amount of miles. If a driver travels out of an authorized area, you will be immediately notified via email or dashboard message. You will immediately gain control over whether your drivers are going where they are supposed to when you add-on the route optimization software.

In addition, you will also be able to identify any drivers that have inefficient fuel usage behaviors such as excessive idling for climate control. You can also set up instant notifications if your driver idles excessively so you can immediately correct the behavior. A driver’s behavior is actually the key to how much fuel is used. Other driving behaviors that affect fuel consumption include speeding, shift patterns and excessive rpm. Route optimization software provides a better insight into your drivers’ habits so that you can work with them to improve their behaviors over time.