Better Time Management For Fleet Managers Part 2

Time Management Techniques For Fleet Managers

Yesterday, we addressed how managers can manage their time better using technology and prioritizing in “ Better Time Management For Fleet Managers ”. Today, we will go over other helpful time management techniques fleet managers can use to control their time.


If you are fortunate enough to have staff to assist you, you need to make sure you take advantage of them by delegating tasks and authority. Most fleet managers feel that they have to do everything themselves but this is simply not the case. That is a sure-fire way to get stuck working weekends and late nights trying to catch up on your long list of tasks. There is no reason to be involved in every driver call. Your staff can handle many issues without involving you. If there is a problem that needs your attention, your staff can let you know. This way you can attend to the most important work during the day.

Do Not Put Things Off

Although many things are unpleasant, complex and/or difficult, do not put them off. Use a priority system to get all things done even if you are not looking forward to them. When faced with a problem, research the issue and resolve it. Putting something off is not an option.

Keep A Schedule

To improve your productivity, keep a schedule and stick to it. Understand that there are going to be events that will arise to disrupt your schedule and that is okay. Keeping a schedule ensures that you will not be scrambling around trying to accomplish everything that needs to get done. You can keep a schedule in an old-fashioned datebook, on your mobile device or in the computer. Use whatever is easiest for you.

Write It Down

Fleet managers are faced with many issues throughout a day. Whether you use a notebook, computer or mobile device, you can organize your records by writing it down. Many issues may not be high priority; however, you will need to follow up on them. If you do not write it down, you will most likely forget about it.