Truck Tracking GPS Reduces Vehicle Breakdowns

Reduce Vehicle Breakdowns With GoFleet’s Truck Tracking GPS

All fleet managers dread the call from their drivers saying “My truck just broke down. I am not going to make it to my next job site”. There is one easy way to reduce the chance of your company vehicles breaking down; implement a truck tracking GPS system in your fleet.

When a company truck breaks down, the cost to the business is more than a simple auto mechanic bill. The actual cost includes lost driver productivity, lost vehicle productivity, upset customers, possible overtime pay for the driver with the disabled vehicle and much more.

The best way to avoid your company trucks breaking down is to make sure your vehicles are properly maintained. The tricky part is keeping track of each truck’s maintenance needs. When you have an entire fleet, this job can be extremely tedious and almost impossible without a truck tracking GPS system in your fleet.

A GoFleet truck tracking GPS system has extensive maintenance tools that allow you to manage all your fleet’s maintenance needs conveniently in one place. The system lets you setup maintenance alerts for each vehicle to remind you that it is due for routine maintenance. These alerts can be set based on mileage, calendar dates or engine on-time, depending on the specific service needed. You can receive alerts via SMS text message, email or in your GoFleet fleet management system.

The truck tracking GPS system also keeps a record of all vehicle services that were completed. It also records all mileage reports. Together fleet managers are able to easily comply with any state requirements regarding vehicle maintenance.

If a truck does break down, the GoFleet truck tracking GPS minimizes the amount of time the vehicle is broken down on the road. Fleet managers will know exactly where the vehicle is so they can quickly route the repair person to its location.

With GoFleet’s truck tracking GPS, you can rest assured that your company trucks are properly maintained, reduce the chance of accidents and increase the safety of your drivers. When you consider all of the benefits of GPS fleet tracking (such as increased productivity, increased fuel efficiency, reduced operating costs, higher security, etc.), implementing GoFleet truck GPS system is a smart business decision.