Vehicle Routing Software: Fleet Management Technology

Fleet Management Technology: GoFleet’s Vehicle Routing Software

Managing a fleet of vehicles and your drivers can be especially tricky especially since the drivers are traveling around off-site. Luckily for business owners and fleet managers, technological advances have made the task much easier and more efficient. It can be hard to keep track of where all of your drivers are without using GoFleet’s reliable GPS fleet management solution and vehicle routing software. In addition to being able to locate all of your fleet vehicles at all times, GoFleet’s vehicle routing software provides many valuable management tools.

Remember, you cannot manage what you do not measure. That is exactly what GoFleet will do for you. It will allow you to measure your fleet’s performance as easy as checking your emails. Once you implement a GPS fleet management solution, you will not know how you ever survived without it. Vehicle routing software can be used to improve driver safety, properly maintain your vehicles, record mileage, reduce operating costs and make important strategic business decisions. GoFleet’s GPS fleet management solution will help you plan the best uses for your mobile assets, field resources, technical support, sales team, etc. Business owners will no longer be stuck pondering the question that all of their employees always appear to be busy but the fleet operation revenue is not reflecting their activity level.

Vehicle routing software gives both business owners and fleet managers a deeper insight in to their fleet operations, drivers’ habits, efficiencies and inefficiencies in their fleet related processes. GoFleet’s vehicle routing software also helps boost your customer service quality, an essential component to a business’ long-term success. Drivers will receive efficient routes and schedules. Your customers will now be able to rely on accurate estimated times of arrival and shorter service windows. If a driver does get set behind schedule because of an external factor, such as severe weather, traffic or construction, you will be able to provide your driver will an alternate route and your customer with a new arrival time. Your customers will never be left in the dark about service delays or get stuck waiting all day for your driver to arrive.

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