Choosing a Commercial Truck GPS Tracking Device? Here is Your Guide

Commercial truck GPS tracking devices offer logistics companies many benefits. Just think how having the ability to track all your commercial trucks could streamline your operations. You can coordinate vehicles, provide faster delivery times, and improve your efficiency. All of these benefits can result in better customer satisfaction and better use of your precious resources.

How can you choose the best GPS truck tracking systems for your fleet management needs? In this comprehensive guide, you will find out all you need to know about commercial truck tracking devices and software.

Before we look at how to choose the best commercial GPS truck tracking solution, we need to know the answer to the question: what exactly is commercial truck tracking?

What are GPS Truck Tracking Devices?

Simply put, commercial vehicle tracking involves using GPS trackers to know the location of your trucks. The devices are connected to truck tracking GPS software that displays all necessary information about the vehicles.

So, imagine that you have a fleet of trucks to manage. Using truck tracking software allows you to see in real-time exactly where your trucks are located. You can also gather data on each vehicle to check driving speed and estimated arrival times.

Why Invest in Commercial Truck Tracking Devices?

One of the most important reasons to invest in truck tracking software is to improve efficiency.

For example, if you are a fleet manager, you can plan better routes, communicate with drivers, and improve fuel efficiency. This can give your company a great advantage over your competitors. Why? Because you can provide first-class customer service.

Another reason to choose reliable GPS truck tracking devices is security. For instance, trailer tracking devices can send alerts if trailers are moved without authorization. Also, you can get real-time information on the trailer’s location that you can share with the police.

Who Benefits from Truck Tracking Solutions?

There are a number of industries that benefit from installing truck tracking software. Truck tracking devices can improve fleet management in any of the following sectors:

  • Delivery companies
  • Waste disposal firms
  • Construction companies
  • Trucking businesses
  • Towing companies
  • Chemical transportation
  • Construction
  • Any business operating a fleet of commercial vans


Commercial Truck Tracking Systems that Benefits Your Business

Let’s look in more detail at the types of commercial truck GPS tracking devices. Knowing how these systems work will help you know the advantages of installing tracking software and devices.

Truck Tracking Devices to Improve Productivity

At the heart of any robust commercial fleet management system is a GPS vehicle tracking device. This allows your fleet manager to be in constant contact with all their drivers.

One of the best GPS truck tracking systems is GoFleet Geotab GO9 truck tracking device. This provides precise vehicle diagnostics, audible driver alerts, and real-time truck tracking. What’s more, the device can be integrated with Garmin devices and satellite systems to expand its many uses.  

So, you can keep your commercial trucks operating efficiently with minimal downtime. Truck tracking devices allow you to find the quickest routes, avoid traffic congestion, and ensure drives stick to speed limits. All of this helps to reduce fuel costs.

Also, keeping your fleet of trucks properly serviced ensures that they break down less and your business operates efficiently.

In fact, a study from the US found that the best telematics systems can significantly reduce operating and maintenance costs. This resulted in a reduction in fuel costs, repair bills, and even in reported accidents.

There are even more benefits with using truck tracking services. To illustrate, here are just a few more productivity benefits:

  • Better driving habits result in less wear and tear on vehicles
  • Instant alerts help you schedule upcoming maintenance
  • Routing and scheduling information helps improve customer and employee satisfaction

Ensure Driver Compliance with Truck Tracking GPS Services

Truck tracking software for commercial vehicles also helps improve driver safety and monitor driving habits. This can not only help improve driver performance but also make driving less stressful.

For example, a report by the United Kingdom government found that stress while driving increased instances of road accidents. Stress also resulted in drivers taking more risks on the road. Truck tracking systems can help to eliminate driver stress.

For instance, you can ensure that your drivers take the required breaks. At the same time, you can also make sure that they’re not having longer breaks than they should. You can also ensure they are sticking to designated routes and obeying speed limits. Commercial truck tracking devices also help plan better routes to avoid busy and congested roads.

So, rather than being a way to spy on drivers, GPS truck tracking software helps improve driver behavior and safety.

GPS Trailer Tracking Enhances Security

Truck fleet tracking that involves trailer tracking brings more important benefits to fleet management.

One of the reasons why logistic companies install trailer tracking solutions is to know where their trailers are at all times. This is essential information helps to schedule and plan deliveries in the most efficient way. You are then able to minimize disruption to your services and increase customer satisfaction.

One essential part of a GPS trailer tracking system is the Flex Solar-Powered Asset Tracker. This device is the perfect solution for trailers, dry containers, or heavy equipment. The self-charging unit allows for constant trailer tracking without worrying about replacing batteries. The solar-powered device is also built to withstand water, dust, and impact.

GPS Truck Tracking Systems to Make your Business More Competitive

Tracking devices for trucks such as Geotab GO9, solar-powered asset trackers, and Garmin devices give your business the competitive edge. The ways that commercial truck tracking devices make your business more competitive include:

  • Lowering operating costs
  • Improving driver compliance
  • Maintaining fleet vehicles
  • Providing better customer service

These benefits come from installing devices that provide real-time information along with truck tracking software.

In conclusion

Using commercial truck tracking devices is one of the best ways to manage commercial vehicles. The data you receive through GPS devices helps you improve all aspects of commercial truck fleet management.