Working With The Right Solutions Provider Can Make All The Difference: CR&R Environmental Services 

Deploying the right camera solutions can make all the difference and CR&R Environmental Services saw exactly that! 


While attending Connect 2020 in San Diego, Asad Khan, Success Manager at GoFleet was able to catch up with Raul Duran to learn about how their fleet was doing after the implementation of an advanced 360 camera system.


Interested to learn what questions we asked Raul about the implementation of ZenduCAM cameras and the Trax platform throughout their fleet? Check out the video below: 

What Pain Points Did CR&R Experience Before Engaging GoFleet? 


Prior to working with GoFleet, CR&R reported to have driver, safety and training issues. While looking for a new camera solution, their goal was to implement a device that focused on improving all of these pain points. Choosing a reliable solution that allowed for in-cab, rear and front views, CR&R believed that it would help not only the safety and well-being of drivers, but the reporting and dispatching tasks related to their operations.


What Was The Impact That CR&R Noticed? 


CR&R noticed that there was an overall improvement across their fleet. Not only were drivers completing routes faster by reducing their times, but the solution was noted to help train drivers on how to drive more efficiently. Additionally, the exact location of vehicles was able to be known at all times as the ZenduCAM system allows for better GPS tracking capabilities in addition to both live video and cloud video surveillance. 


How Did You Introduce The Camera Solution To Drivers? 


While introducing the new camera solutions to drivers, CR&R remained transparent about the devices. Not only did they state the benefits for reporting, tracking and logistics purposes, but they highlighted how the solution can also protect drivers in regards to false claims. Shifting the initial driver concern of the cameras acting as ‘big brother’ tracking them to a critical protection tool. 


Their Experience Working With ZenduIT & GoFleet


During their time working with GoFleet while using ZenduIT applications, CR&R noted that the service provided was great! The 360 solution that was promised has since met all of their unique needs and has been recognized as being a key factor in making operations smoother and more advanced. With great results, they remain optimistic about continuing to work with GoFleet and ZenduIT in the future as their organization and needs grow. 


“GoFleet has been great, they’ve delivered on all promises so far!” – Raul Dran, CR&R Environmental Services 


Interested in learning more about CR&R’s success with GoFleet? Check out their success story here:

Is Your Commercial Contracting Business Maximizing Its Telematics Potential?

When it comes to moving a business forward, many look to implement new tools and strategies to accommodate changing processes and requirements. Recently, the focus for organizations is to streamline processes to not only ensure accuracy and employees responsibilities, but to boost finances. Within the commercial contracting field, telematics can accomplish this and more, specifically with the implementation of new and powerful management systems.


What Are Management Systems

A management system is a telematics solution that is used by numerous business owners and managers to grow their business and achieve their long term goals. Not only can these systems work to increase workflow, but these systems also allow for expandability while keeping costs low or reducing them even further. Although the features of management systems can vary, typically solutions can be adjusted to allow for custom mapping or GPS features, dispatching, maintenance, visibility and tracking. The focus is usually streamlining and automating data collection, complying to rules and regulations, as well as streamlining processes. Even though management systems can be applied to nearly any industry in one way or another, one industry that is seeing great potential from using it is commercial contracting or construction. 


Why Commercial Contracting Businesses Are Seeing Success

Increased Visibility 

Management systems are praised for visibility. When speaking about commercial contracting businesses, visibility from solutions allows managers to better supervise their teams, resulting in greater management of the overall business. 

For example, since management systems offer live vehicle tracking and equipment tracking integrations, the location of employees and available equipment are always known. So when a call comes in, a dispatching manager can properly dispatch the closest worker who has the right training. Or, managers can dispatch the employee who has the proper tools and equipment, ensuring that they are maximizing their teams efforts by sending someone who can complete the job.


Less Downtime 

In addition to live gps fleet tracking, these systems are able to conduct maintenance monitoring for connected vehicles so companies face less downtime and gain larger profits. Not only is this apparent in regards to deploying efforts (as the system will ensure that the right employee with the right skills or equipment will arrive), but in regards to asset quality. This concept speaks to the monitoring of tools, equipment and even the vehicles themselves to ensure they are in peak working performance. As management systems gather specific data that is applied to predetermined algorithms, it is possible to learn when to schedule maintenance.

For example, sensors and diagnostic devices can be installed to monitor vehicle performance. Prompting managers to determine when maintenance should be scheduled. This allows teams to stay productive as sudden breakdowns that cause vehicle downtime happen less often.


Boosted Safety 

Lastly, depending on the nature of your commercial contracting business, you may find that your team is frequently dispatched to rural job sites alone. With management systems, managers are able to integrate a number of safety solutions to better protect their lone workers. One to highlight is the Man Down System which offers remote location management. This is through the increased communication from a device that can sense when a worker is injured or falls, resulting in a triggered motion sensor and thus, transmitting a notification requesting the assistance of management and EMS services. 

Regardless of what your focus is for 2020, a management system is a tool that countless contracting businesses are seeing benefits from. Not only are managers and owners noticing that they are able to have more visibility on their team, but they can find ways to integrate maintenance and safety features. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the management features that are available, or what integrations could best fit your unique business needs, contact us today! We’ll be happy to speak with you to learn exactly what you may want to invest in so you can see success in the new year!