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How Telematics Can Set Shuttle Bus Services Up For Success

If you’ve ever been in an airport, visited someone in a hospital or required private transportation to an event, you’ve likely used a shuttle bus. In today’s fast-paced world, telematics provide benefits to shuttle bus fleets, giving businesses an edge for retaining top-tier employees while providing peace of mind to commuters. Every year, more companies invest in shuttle services; with the right telematics solution, those same companies can also realize improved productivity, visibility and efficiency. 




Vehicle tracking platforms, such as GoFleet’s Bus ETA, provide essential information to drivers, fleet managers and to public citizens to ensure a seamless, automated experience. Ultimately, tracking saves you valuable time and resources, offering a window into your current operations, inefficiencies along routes and reporting features.


With the app, passengers can review live ETA data right on their phones, with just one click. They can view current vehicle routes, expected total route time, as well as stop and start points, all in real-time. Automation streamlines these processes by reducing wait times and reducing the number of inbound callers for real-time updates, while fostering goodwill with passengers.


Passenger Safety


GoFleet has a number of product offerings that can be scaled to your fleet’s requirements, including commercial dash cams such as ZenduCAM. Perhaps one of the best use cases for ZenduCAM resides with shuttle buses. Imagine being able to track passenger safety by ensuring that your driver follows all necessary protocols. Dash cam footage keeps your drivers compliant, keeps your commuters safe, and helps reinforce good driving habits.


Vehicle Diagnostics


When you use a GoFleet product or service, you’re leveraging a rich telematics ecosystem that can provide all kinds of data sets to improve your business. Monitoring the health and productivity of your shuttle vehicles is an essential part of any holistic fleet solution. Connecting fleet vehicles and fleet managers in real-time and with daily or historical reports for optimum fleet performance.


Our GO9 GPS vehicle tracker, for example, not only provides accurate data on vehicle location, speed and trip distance, it can also extract valuable data on a vehicle’s overall “health”, letting you know the status of the odometer, engine faults and much more. Connecting fleet vehicles with fleet managers in real-time helps to gauge when and if a vehicle requires maintenance, track fuel efficiency and reduce the time and frequency of inspections, all of which stop vehicle problems before they start. With the right diagnostics tool, you can easily optimize your fleet’s performance and save money in the process.


Telematics data is critical to the success of nearly every type of fleet. GoFleet’s solutions are comprehensive, scalable and offer easy installation and a user-friendly interface. Whether you use shuttle buses to manage guest parking, take travellers to and from the airport or need your commuters to arrive at any destination efficiently and on time, we can help you take full control of your fleet’s operations for better business outcomes. Contact one of our consultants today to see how GoFleet can work for you.

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Spotlight on Telematics, Bus ETA and Back to School: A Conversation with Kemal Leslie

Kemal Leslie, a strategic consultant to GoFleet, talks about Lord Selkirk School Division’s biggest pain points, and how GoFleet’s comprehensive and integrated telematics solutions solved some of their biggest back to school issues.


Tell me a bit about LSSD and the kinds of things they were looking for.


KL: They began working with GoFleet a few years ago to help them manage their bus fleet maintenance and location tracking. This also included management of driver operational safety. 


How did Bus ETA factor into the equation?


KL: At that time, they were also looking at Bus ETA as a solution, where a student or parent of a student, for example, could know when the bus is on its way to pick up or drop off, as well as the whereabouts of that vehicle. This has become a more popular solution over the last, I would say, five or six years, where parents or students want to know when to arrive at the bus stop. 


So it seems that Bus ETA also offers peace of mind?


KL: Well, for safety and security reasons, they received feedback that parents want to be able to track kids’ travel to and from school. They wanted an easy way to oversee their safety. That’s what the Bus ETA application really was about.  


What were the other components of your proposal?


KL: At that time, GoFleet implemented not only their bus tracking and status reports, but had also integrated another solution called On Command Connection with their Geotab telematics system, which is a diagnostic maintenance offering under Navistar. Their maintenance provider can track their buses and advise if any need to be repaired based on automated scheduling and alerts from real-time vehicle data; their maintenance team can call in a repair just by looking at the status report that’s provided through On Command.

Finally, Transfinder became the next third party integration for this solution. It’s a mobile application that tracks where the student is; if they are on the bus, when the bus is arriving, that type of thing. The system actually utilizes Geotab telematics data to manage the reporting within the application where the student might be at any given time, or where the bus is in terms of its daily trips.


So in terms of the evolution, it started as a fleet management application to manage the hardware, the equipment, location status, etc. And then student tracking for parents was integrated to centralize everything within their GoFleet solution.


That sounds really comprehensive. What are some other applications for this system outside of LSSD?


KL: Well, the entire solution could serve many verticals really, either in part or as a whole integrated solution. The fleet management piece can apply to any industry that requires management of their own automated fleet — it could be heavy equipment, trucks, small vehicles — any of that can be adapted to use this functionality. 


The same goes for the maintenance piece; to be able to connect to and manage the fleet without needing to bring in the vehicle, to have diagnostics established if there’s a problem with a unit and it needs to be called in. Those things can adapt to pretty much any industry.  


And what about Transfinder?


KL: I think that the Transfinder solution, as it relates to tracking when a vehicle is coming to pick someone up, certainly has its application in schools. But it would also have applications for other transportation clients, really any type of privatized or public transportation, the TTC for example. There will always be people who could use an app to tell them when to expect their ride. 

All in all, I think it’s a pretty robust solution; the equipment management piece, the maintenance piece and the transportation communication piece. Operators benefit from having a really strong, interconnected solution that provides important efficiencies.

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